Companies worry too much about the cost of doing something. They should worry about the cost of not doing it. -- Philip Kotler

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ASCL is a Canadian Based Corporation with roots into Western Canada but does not stop there. Safety Compliance is an urgent need of all Canadian Corporations doing business in today's Corporate Climate and it is our objective to help you reach your goal.

We understand SAFETY and current concerns to meet regulatory compliance, the safety requirements of the customers you wish to continue work for, and the need for in-house training of personnel to meet these requirements.

Your goal must be - to provide direction and answers to these SAFETY needs NOW without the added expense of hiring permanent staff to give corporate direction to "Safety".

We answer this need.

Compliance has never been as important as it is today in Health, Safety. ASCL has the professionals to address these needs.

ASCL is owned and operated by Katrina Jackson.

The SOLUTIONS we bring YOU...

ASCL is committed to meeting your needs for safety compliance and injury prevention in today's economy and regulatory environment.

Follow the 'top menu' links to the topic of your concern and peruse the rest to see where we fit in your Corporate Vision and Planning.

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