Companies worry too much about the cost of doing something. They should worry about the cost of not doing it. -- Philip Kotler

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Health and Safety Program Development

At ASCL you will not receive a blanket program where you only insert your company name on policies & procedures and away you go.

ASCL will take the time to understand the corporate culture and the issues facing the employer and build a program to fit.

Depending on the Certifying Partner chosen, ASCL will develop a program to suit their requirements and also the culture of the organization.

There are 13 elements in a Health and Safety Program consisting of policies, procedures and certain jobs/tasks to be performed.

  1. Corporate Health and Safety Policy
  2. Hazard Assessment, Analysis & Control
  3. Safe Work Practices and Safe Job Procedures
  4. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  5. Rules
  6. Preventative Maintenance
  7. Health and Safety Committee & Representative
  8. Training & Communication
  9. Inspections
  10. Incident Investigations
  11. Emergency Preparedness
  12. First Aid
  13. Records & Statistics
**The Elements are dependant on the Certifying Partner Chosen**

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